Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Get Involved

The SOPC has a wide array of volunteer opportunities. Some opportunities require volunteering during our normal operating hours, while others involve volunteering after hours in a variety of capacities. The majority of all of our volunteer opportunities can only be performed by individuals 18 years of age or older. Teenagers are not permitted to have client contact. However, teenagers can help out with facility maintenance, material aid items, and fund-raising events.

Volunteer Opportunities at SOPC


During Office Hours:

  • Client Advocate
  • Receptionist
  • Baby Material Aid Helpers
  • Facility Maintenance

After Office Hours/Flexible Schedule:

  • Board Membership
  • Fund-raising Committee
  • Helping with Fund-raising Events
  • Church Contact

Volunteer Information

Volunteer Purpose: To reach out to women and men in an untimely pregnancy with the mercy and compassion of Jesus Christ by offering practical assistance in both word and deed.

Volunteers are under the direction of the Executive Director, Director and Director of Client Services.


  1. A commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  2. Faithful attendance in a church.
  3. Full agreement with the SOPC statement of faith and principle.
  4. Dependable, stable, capable of commitment.
  5. A sincere desire to reach out with the love of Jesus Christ.
  6. Familiar with scripture about sanctity of human life, forgiveness and salvation.
  7. Must respect confidentiality.
  8. Excellent listening and communication skills
  9. Solid commitment to being pro-life and also biblical based sexual values.
  10. Non-judgmental.
  11. Must live an abstinent lifestyle if single.


Job Description


Time Commitment

Must serve a minimum of 6 hours volunteer time a month.
Attend periodic meetings for training updates.


  • Successfully complete required training and observance periods.
  • Know and follow all SOPC policies and procedures.
  • Be present for your full scheduled volunteer shift.
  • Notify staff of any changes in volunteer time.
  • Be in prayer before each shift to allow the Holy Spirit to be in control.
  • Provide accurate information as set forth by training and policy/procedures.
  • Look for teachable moments.
  • Know and be able to clarify manufacturer’s directions for the pregnancy test.
  • Complete client intake sheet and record all information appropriately.
  • Clean pregnancy testing area immediately after each client.
  • Be familiar with all literature and videos that may be provided for clients.
  • Follow up with clients by phone or note upon permission.
  • Communicate suggestions, grievances, etc. to the Director as desired.
  • Share in keeping the Center neat, clean and orderly.
  • Have an annual evaluation with the Director.
  • Other responsibilities may include computer work, fundraising, publicity and other things deemed necessary by the Executive Director, Director and Director of Client Services.

Volunteer Training

Individuals wishing to volunteer as a receptionist or client advocate must complete extensive training. You can view online job descriptions for each of these categories, volunteer applications based on your area of interest, and information about receptionist and peer counselor training. In addition, please view a copy of our Statement of Faith & Principle. Before filling out any application. It may be helpful to call the SOPC to set up an appointment to visit the facility before you decide in which area you would like to apply. If you submit an application for volunteering during office hours, you will need to set up an interview with the Director. If you submit an application for board membership, the Board of Directors will contact you about setting up an interview.

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