Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Our Services
  • Pregnancy testing (self-administered)
  • Education on abortion procedures, its risks, and its alternatives (parenting & adoption)
  • Education on pregnancy
  • One-on-one abstinence peer counseling
  • Abstinence presentations to schools and church youth groups
  • Material assistance for both mother and baby
  • Parenting education
  • Abortion recovery counseling and support groups
  • Spiritual counseling and Bible studies
  • Ongoing peer counseling and friendship
  • Referrals for medical care, social service agencies, maternity homes, and adoption agencies

 All services are free and confidential. The SOPC is not a medical facility.

Learn more about the services we offer to those experiencing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy at our client-focused website.

SOPC Programs

HUGS Program (Helping U Grow Strong)

The SOPC offers assistance to clients who are in need of material items. Through this program, clients can earn baby and maternity items including diapers, baby clothes, and maternity clothes. There are a variety of activities clients can complete including: parenting education, nutrition education, going through a Bible study with a SOPC peer counselor, and many other activities.

SHAPE Program (Sexual Health and Purity Education)

The SOPC can provide your school class, church youth group, or club with an abstinence presentation. To speak to a school class, we must be invited by a teacher to make a presentation on abstinence. Abstinence presentations made to public schools do not contain any references to religion. Abstinence presentations to church youth groups and Christian clubs do discuss God’s plan for sexuality and marriage.

Circle of Friends & Road to Fatherhood Parenting Program

This program is designed to give first-time parents valuable information as they prepare for their unborn child. Each workshop consists of educational time, a time of Bible study and time to share with each other. Upon the completion of all 8 workshops the participants receive a Moses Basket filled with baby items.

SOPC Presentations

The SOPC has speakers available to present information about the ministry of the center and the issue of abortion to your church, Sunday school class, Bible study group, or community service organization. To schedule a presentation, please contact the SOPC .

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